27 March 2010

I'm starting to think Murphy stuck a GPS tracker up his...

How does the vast universe know the moment my husband walks out the door? I spent 8 weeks in a dirty germ infested building with 46 other people - didn't get sick.

The day we fly home I catch the freaking swine flu's cousin and bring it home with me. Rock out a fever for 3 days, contimplate buying a bottle of whiskey just for me, myself and I... then realize its thrusday and I only have 2 days to go.

Pull into the driveway... Hmm. What is does that little light on my dash mean? ((looks it up)) Hmm. Low tire pressure. LOW!!! HOW ABOUT FLAT AS A PANCAKE JACKASS! I take a deep breath, at least I am at home and I have half a gallon of milk left.

Neighbor (thanks Gene) comes over to save the day. He changes the tire in the dark. I am good to go get groceries the next day.

Yep... get all three kids ready, walk out to start the car. Nothing. Nada. Not even a click. The battery is dead 'cause my dumbass left the intertior lights on.

Soooo, now that I have gotten a jump and groceries. I'd just like to say, Murphy go bug someone else he'll be home before you know it and I'm sure you'll want to save up your energy for next time.

I hate you Murphy.

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