23 August 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends...

Byron Duke had TWO themes in mind for his 4th Birthday. Frogs and Firetrucks. I think "Great! Frog decorations - Fire Truck bithday cake... Done!" NOPE, try again Mommy. This soon to be 4 year old has one cake in mind and it better make you want to croak (he he he, get it?). So, we head to the bakery... no frog cake in the book,and no-one there with enough creativity to invent one. Head to a REAL bakery - they want $50 for a 4-year-old's cake... sorry buddy, not gonna happen.

Thank God for Google! Went to this site and found the inspiration I needed. I had all of the ingrediants, and the blind confidence to take on the challenge.

Green Frosting: Done.
Frog Eyeballs: Done.
Frog Nostrils: Done.
Frog Smile: Done.
Frog Tounge... Crap.

I may be good at staring down idiots in a K-Mart line -- but makeing frog tounges is out of my scope of power. What is a Super Mom to do?? Call in the skills of a SUPER Aunt to finish the job!

Thank you Aunt Holiday!
***and a big thanks to all of our friends and family who traveled near and far to join us!

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