26 August 2009

Super Mom Advisory Board

You might think I am talking about the wisdom of the age’s women who came before me who have a strong influence in my life today. If that is what you are thinking -- you are wrong.

Every Super Mom knows that there is only one advisory board that matters - it is a panel comprised, in my case, of two toddler boys and one infant girl. These individuals are very in touch with their personal feelings, wants and desires. They have no worries about expressing themselves - no matter where we may be or how loud they feel the need to voice their opinion.

Byron Duke in all of his wisdom told me today - "There is no place for horses in the city - those people need to go back to the farm" He was referring to the mounted police.

Luke is a boy of few words (two to be exact)...

"Lukey, do you want to go on the potty?" "No."
"Lukey, time to eat?" "No."
"Lukey, time to get dressed." "No"
"Lukey, do you want to play trains?" "YEEEEES!"

Kadee Baby is the world's most amazing communicator. Since she is just a year old she does not speak any recognizable human language. However, her ability to convey her desires is still astounding to say the least. Coos, babbles, giggles and screams listen closely and she will tell you the secret to life... If Baby is happy everyone is happy.

I guess Jesus was on to something (Matt 21:16).

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