31 August 2009

Defining Moments and an Octopus

We all have defining moments - I think we can all agree on some of them. Graduating high school, driving a car... getting married or having children. Life is forever changed.

It is amazing how quickly time begins to pass once you've had a child and how it will fly once you've had a couple or more. Today, in our household we reached on of the paramount moments in every human being's life. It is an instant when you are no longer an infant or baby. A moment that opens new doors, new adventures and a new level of maturity never before reached. No-one can do it for you -- you are the only one in control.

I've been casually potty raining Luke for about a month now. Encouraging, reminding, begging. There has been candy, stickers, reward boards -- nothing worked or at least not for #2. Enter a quick trip to Target for some retail therapy and yellow box with play-doh and a purple octopus, some Thomas underpants and a Thomas cuddle pillow.

Lukey wants to wear big boy underpants. Lukey LOVES Thomas the Train. So --- mommy says "You can't wear these until you poopy in the potty"... Lukey says "Awwight"...

I put Byron Duke in his Thomas Underpants so he can set a good example. Lukey is still not interested in dealing with #2. UNTIL -- he mentions he wants to play with the "UCKPUSS"... like any other Super Mom I have a million chores to do, so knowing that he WON'T go poop I say.

"You can't play with the Octopus until you poop on the potty"

He and his Thomas Pillow enter the bathroom and I hear the one way chatter that often occurs when Lukey is well, busy.

Knowing I have at least 20 minutes until someone else asks me about Play-Doh I begin to load the dishwasher when I hear


I ran in to inspect YES!!! WE HAVE POOPY IN THE POTTY!!!! Thank you Play-Doh Octopus!! Thank you!!

Time to call Super Nonni!

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  1. Woo-hoo!!! Two down and one more to go…