07 September 2009

How I know I love them

I love them I know I do. They cry I hug them, They fuss I feed them -- They poop - I wipe them.

These however are all just example of basic human needs that I fulfill as a mother. The true test of love comes when Mommy is on a diet. I know I love them because they don't diet with me. While mommy is eating a chicken patty on a dry bed of lettuce - my children enjoy a 6 piece chicken nugget, apple dipper, chocolate milk bonanza of McD's goodness.

While I drink water and chomp on celery they guzzle juicy juice and munch on cheddar cheese goldfish.

But is it too much to ask that my 4 year old not request CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!?!? I offered to grab him a little snag bag of them but Nooooo - he wants "The hot kind from the obben" Mommy can only withstand so much temptation in one day. Those big brown eyes are hard to resist especially when backed up by a set of piercing blue eyes and a cooing baby.

Yes, darlings Mommy loves you - cookies are in the oven.

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