29 December 2009


Anything can be an inspiration. I really mean anything. I was inspired by a lack of pull-ups to start potty training Lukey, and while I was highly motivated he was uninterested until a love of ice cream INSPIRED him to poopy on the potty (thanks again Grammy Kim).

So, lets talk about me -- that is the point of a blog right? I talk about what I am thinking and you get to laugh at me or is it with me? Whatever. Back to me...

While Byron was deployed I lost all desire to work in the kitchen. I ate prepackaged diet food and whipped up whatever the kids asked for (hot dogs and grilled cheese were usually on the menu). Now that Byron has returned I am surprised that he doesn't think a hot dog qualifies as a meal for a grown man. I mean really, what is wrong with a hot dog? Its yummy, made of meat and throw in a can of baked beans BAM dinner is served. Yeah... no -- not so much.

So, its back to the cookbooks, blogs and Internet for me. I love to cook and thanks to the movie Julie & Julia I am one again inspired to create in the kitchen. I am not going to jump off the deep end and try to be Martha, Betty or Julia -- but I am going to give Scalloped Potatoes from scratch a shot for dinner tonight. Plus making food yourself takes a little extra time -- BUT -- it also saves a little extra money.

I'll post the recipes I take a whack at and let you know how they turn out. My favorite source for all things recipe is http://www.recipezaar.com/ this site is great because it gives you ratings from REAL PEOPLE who are trying these dishes in their home kitchens (instead of professional chefs in test kitchens).

Soooo... wish me luck. I'm off to bake some bread (bread machine = must have) and slice up some potatoes.


ohhh... and P.S. if any of you have a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking laying around feel free to mail it to me! Yes people I am that shameless!

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