30 December 2009

off with the cape...

and on with the Apron!

So, I tried my hand at scalloped potatoes and after further research went with a different recipe. This one is located in "The New Cookbook" from Better Homes and Gardens for their Scalloped Potatoes one of the "best loved" recipes.

The potatoes turned out wonderful! I cooked them a little longer and added cheddar cheese to the recipe. YUM!

I skipped making the bread because the potatoes are enough carbs/starch for one meal.

Tonight we are having smoked chicken, left over potatoes and deconstructed stuffed mushrooms. Here is the orginal recipe for the stuffed mushrooms. I only have canned mushrooms on hand so I'll be breaking this down to a side dish instead of appitizer.

Here I go... off to the kitchen to battle Hunger!

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